Service of lifts
and telescopic loaders

Fully equipped service cars and qualified mechanics with UDT qualifications ensure our fleet and external services.

The AA Herkules fleet consists not only of booms and lifts for rental and sale. We have a qualified staff of service technicians with UDT licenses, constantly servicing our fleet and machines of external customers in terms of maintenance and repairs. In the event of a failure, we send a service car directly to the workplace of the lift. If on-site repair is not possible, in the case of a rental, we will deliver a replacement surplus on the same or the next business day. Efficient service of lifts is also facilitated by our own warehouse of spare parts.


Professional service of the increases is performed by certified mechanics

In our rental of lifts and telescopic loaders, each machine undergoes regular maintenance service. Service inspections are performed by qualified mechanics with qualifications of maintenance technicians of mobile mobile platforms and specialized trucks with variable load capacity. Cooperation with the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), in-depth periodic tests and systematic maintenance inspections allow us to provide fully operational and safe scissor lifts, articulated lifts, telescopic lifts and telescopic loaders.


Permanent service of aerial work platforms gives our customers a guarantee of effective and safe work of operators on each of the platforms, and systematic maintenance minimizes the risk of machine breakdown. All machines in our fleet have a monitored use of RESURS, undergo maintenance inspections in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and have valid UDT decisions allowing for operation.

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Service of aerial work platforms and telescopic loaders

During rental, aerial platforms and loaders are constantly exposed to breakdowns and damage, which is why the service of lifts is an integral part of the rental service. Our advantage is a professionally equipped fleet of service cars, thanks to which, in the event of a failure, we provide a quick service of booms and telescopic loaders at the place of use.

By providing the service of lifts, we guarantee our customers specialized and high-class support, thus ensuring the continuity of the machine's work. The arrival of service technicians to the place where the machine is used may take up to an hour from reporting the problem, of course, taking into account the company's working hours. AA Herkules rental, in addition to servicing its own fleet, provides maintenance services to external customers directly at the machine's workplace, at the customer's and in our company's equipment base.

We provide:
  • safe and proven lifts
  • on-site repair
  • reaction up to an hour from reporting
  • current UDT inspections
  • periodic tests of platforms

We hire lifts from the best global brands:

West Poland (Wroclaw)
Central Poland (Warsaw)
Central Poland (Lodz)
South Poland (Katowice)
mapa zasiegu wypozyczalni

Hire range map

  • West Poland (Wroclaw)

    Lower Silesia Branch
    st. Świdnicka 23
    55-040 Wrocław / Tyniec Mały

  • Central Poland (Warsaw)

    Warsaw Central Branch
    st. Żytnia 19A
    05-800 Warszawa / Pruszków

  • Central Poland (Lodz)

    Central Branch in Łódź
    st. Katowicka 43
    95-030 Łódź / Rzgów

  • South Poland (Katowice)

    st. Woźniaka 18
    40-389 Katowice