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Telescopic Loader

Rental of diesel telescopic loaders with a maximum lifting height of 16.70 m. 4x4 drive, two steering axles, off-road tires and powerful EcoMAX internal combustion engines.
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Articulating Boom Lift On The Rubber Tracks
  Rental of diesel-electric telescopic boom lifts with a working height of 23.00 m. Great for working in hard-to-reach places. Lightweight and stable construction thanks to the fold-out paw.
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Electric Vertical Mast Lifts
Rental of electric mast lifts with working height up to 9.85 m. Side reach up to 2.65 m. Compact dimensions
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Diesel Articulating Boom Lifts
  Rental of diesel telescopic articulated lifts with working height up to 25.60 m. 4x4 drive and off-road tires allow you to work on muddy ground.
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Electric Articulating Boom Lift
  Rental of telescopic articulated boom lifts with working height up to 20.39 m. Side reach up to 13.54 m. Clear non-marking tires
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Diesel Scissor Lifts
  Rental of combustion scissor lifts with working height up to 15.11 m. Stabilizing supports, powerful combustion engines, 4x4 drive.
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Electric scissor lifts
Rental of electric scissor lifts with working height up to 18.50 m. Wheels with gray non-marking tires. Perfect for work in warehouses and halls.
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Choose a team of professionals

We run theoretical and practical courses, preparing future operators of mobile platforms and telescopic loaders for the state examination, which takes place at the headquarters of our company before the commission of the Office of Technical Inspection or Transport Technical Inspection. We are a certified UDT-CERT training center located in Katowice. With us you will gain the qualifications of the former IP category (currently mobile movable platforms) allowing safe and legal operation of mobile platforms in Poland. We have also expanded the scope of our courses with training on telescopic loaders. When choosing our courses, expect intensive training in theory and practice. The theoretical and practical part takes place on site with the use of our lifts and telescopic loaders.

We encourage everyone interested in renting telehandlers and telehandlers, as well as acquiring qualifications. Concluding a rental contract with our rental is easy and quick, so do not hesitate and use our machines in your company today. Take advantage of the offer of a professional lift rental shop. Look who you work with.

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Special offer

Almost every month, we can offer better price for access platforms rental. Special offer covers only one machine model at the same time. Call our rental specialist and ask for our current special offer for machine hire! 


Wynajmij podest ruchomy w promocyjnej cenie!


  • max. wysokość robocza od 5,90 do 25,60 m
  • zasięg boczny od 6,25 do 16,20 m
  • udźwig od 159 do 1134 kg
  • zasilanie akumulatorowe/spalinowe/ z sieci 230V
  • waga od 885 do 15950 kg
  • ogumienie szare niebrudzące / czarne terenowe / gąsienicowe
Hire and gain!

Lifts hire in Katowice, Wrocław and Łódź


AA Herkules Acces Platforms: lifts hire, fast delivery, training courses. We have three fully functional depots in Poland (Katowice, Wrocław, Łódź). We can provide you with lifts for rent in southern, western and central Poland. Our scope of delivery is available on the map below. Furthermore we have a fleet of vehicles and mechanics to repair lifts after a breakdown.

Call our rental specialist for more details! 





We reach high
Rental of lifts
with working height up to
mobile platforms
West Poland (Dolny Śląsk)
South Poland (Śląsk)
Central Poland (Łódź)

Hire range map

  • West Poland (Dolny Śląsk)

    Lower Silesia Branch
    st. Świdnicka 23
    55-040 Wrocław / Tyniec Mały


  • South Poland (Śląsk)


    st. ks. mjr. Karola Woźniaka 18
    40-389 Katowice
    Silesia, Poland


  • Central Poland (Łódź)

    Oddział Łódź
    st. Katowicka 43
    95-030 Łódź / Rzgów